Louisiana Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc. (LCCF)
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3901 Macarthur Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70114, USA

Louisiana Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc. (LCCF)

Chamber of Commerce


The Louisiana Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that was established in 2018, to help drive the economic growth of Louisiana by empowering and sustaining the BIPOC business community through the development of local chambers. This mission is achieved by engaging public and private sector partners in providing BIPOC businesses access to procurement opportunities, a network of strong BIPOC chambers of commerce, technical assistance that build their capacity, and advocacy for BIPOC business growth and development. As a statewide economic development organization, LCCF is dedicated to the establishment, development, growth, expansion, and sustainability of locally and minority owned businesses across Louisiana through its leadership in chamber development and facilitation of technical assistance services.

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