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About the Bank

Established as an independent institution, EvaBank stands by its acronym, E.V.A., signifying 'Every Valuable Advantage.' With seven branches throughout Alabama, they are committed to delivering unmatched services and competitive rates, surpassing their competition.

EvaBank is renowned for its swift decision-making, often finalizing automobile and personal loan applications within minutes. Real estate loan decisions are similarly efficient, contingent upon appraisal and title assessments. Their unique blend of agility and dedication sets them apart in banking.

Benefits of Using FINSYNC


Get started as a customer of Evabank through FINSYNC!

Welcome to a new style of open banking where the best relationship bakers are here to help you start, scale and succeed!

Working together we help businesses with:

  • Faster payments
  • More financing options
  • Actionable analytics
  • Better business outcomes

Evabank is part of the FINSYNC Network to help you save:

  • 30% less administrative time and software costs
  • Days less getting the right help
  • Weeks less time waiting on payments


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