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Why Partner With FINSYNC

Adds value to long-term relationship:

When you refer businesses who are looking for a better way to run their business on one platform ...

... we help you get in sync with them in a way that adds value to the relationship long term.

  • Bankers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Card Processors
  • Business Coaches
  • HR Professionals
  • Accountants

How We Add Value



Get matched

You can add your products and services to your FINSYNC Partner Listing and get matched to businesses when their financial needs line up with your offering.

Increase referrals

When you deliver remarkable service that's only possible through the FINSYNC platform, you can expect more referrals.



Most comprehensive

You get the most comprehensive, rewarding revenue share program on the market! Nothing else comes close.

Partners growth

We look at revenue share as an investment we can make to help our partners grow. If you prefer discounts over revenue share, no problem, we support that as well.



Rewarding relationships

Build more lasting and rewarding relationships when you deliver your services through an all-in-one platform that provides you and your clients more time for what matters most.



10x better

When you offer your products and services through FINSYNC, you find a partner committed to helping you operate more efficiently.

Some partners have reported time savings in the order of magnitude of 10X better.


If it will save you and your business customers valuable time, we build it.

ohn kim

“We are committed to deliver at least one new feature or improvement every week that saves our business customers and partners more time.”

John Kim

Chief Product Officer

Built for business builders who want everything on one platform

Simplicity, Speed, Security

galen dalrymple

“Truly Game Changing...

an all-in-one solution that replaced QuickBooks and other apps, helps us grow, and provides amazing services.”

Galen Dalrymple

COO   l   Polymath

The Value of


Single Login

All modules are accessible from one intuitive dashboard


Businesses save on subscription fees and administrative hassles


Your services can be offered through FINSYNC

The Old Way

The Old Way

  • QuickBooks for accounting
  • ADP for payroll
  • Bill for paying vendors
  • Harvest for time tracking
Disconnected Partner Ecosystem
FINSYNC + Partner Way

FINSYNC + Partner Way

  • Accounting replaced QuickBooks
  • Payroll replaced ADP
  • Payments replaced
  • Time tracking replaced Harvest
Connected Partner Ecosystem

Partner Ecosystem

We build future-proof software solutions for businesses - with innovative partners, so everyone succeeds together long term.

Banks and Credit Unions

FINSYNC syncs with over 7,000 banks and credit unions to help the approximately 32 million small businesses in the United States have ONE platform to centralize control of payments and manage cash flow with less time and better results.


Bankers refer FINSYNC to help their business customers save time and money and connect with them for a best-in-class personable, banking experience.

Get Started

Working together,
we help businesses with:

  • Faster payments
  • CollectEarlyTM
  • More financing options
  • Actionable analytics
  • Better business outcomes
laurie gable

"FINSYNC customer service is hands down the best! Good customer service is essential."

Laurie Gable

Branch Manager/Assistant Vice President

Bookkeepers and Accountants

We help businesses who start with a business bank account seamlessly build their finance team, connecting to the right bookkeeper or accountant at the right time.

Bookkeepers and Accountants

Bookkeepers and Accountants start businesses on FINSYNC when the business is looking for an all-in-one solution for payments, payroll, accounting and cash flow management.

Bookkeepers and Accountants move businesses to FINSYNC if the business is or will soon be in the market for financing through one of FINSYNC's bank partners.

Get Started

Working together,
we help businesses with:

  • Focus on growing the business, not running the business
  • Making better, more profitable business decisions
  • Maximize gains and reduce losses
  • Navigate market cycles and economic changes
  • Manage risks
david boatright

“4 weeks from when I requested the bulk categorization feature to when I was able save time using it! I moved the bulk of my businesses to FINSYNC.”

David Boatright


Business Coaches

Our partners help build the network so that by working together we can help more businesses go from a business idea and then bank account to scale and success with less time and better results.

Business Coaches

FINSYNC refers businesses to coaches when they are looking for help getting started, or best practices on how to scale or what to do to build on past, present or projected successes.

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Working together,
we help businesses with:

  • New company formation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Vendor procurement and management
  • Employee recruiting
  • Investor relations
  • Overall strategic planning and execution

Card Processors

We support all the major issuers and processors.

Card Processing Consultants

Consultants refer FINSYNC so their customers can sync their merchant accounts to FINSYNC and send payment requests and invoices via email and accept credit card payments.

Get Started

Working together,
we help businesses with:

  • More payment options
  • Automate reporting on payments and accounting
  • Better customer service
  • Improved cash flow
danny henderson

"We focus on delivering custom credit card processing and solutions with in-person consultations to ensure the best results."

Danny Henderson

Executive Vice President, Divisional Sales Director

HR Consultants

We help businesses connect to the right HR consultant at the right time.

HR Consultants

FINSYNC refers businesses to human resource (HR) professionals or consultants when its customers need staff augmentation to help with HR matters.

Get Started

Working together,
we help businesses with:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Time & attendance
  • Benefits administration
  • Insurance claims
  • Policies & procedures
  • General HR matters
Dave Olsen

“Our HR partnerships offer support to businesses who may need help, but are not quite at the scale to require a full time HR staff.”

Dave Olsen

President of Payroll

Insurance Agents

Our insurance partners support the FINSYNC network so that by working together we can help more businesses save time with better results.

Insurance Agents

Insurance agents who double as a trusted business advisor to their business customers refer FINSYNC to help save their customers time and money and be there for them through FINSYNC anytime the business has an insurance need or question.

Get Started

Working together,
we help businesses with:

  • Health Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial Auto
  • General Liability
  • Property
  • Business Interruption
  • Cyber
  • Theft
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“I take tremendous pride in taking care of my clients. I am confident referring my customers to FINSYNC. The platform helps them be more successful, the team cares and goes the extra mile, and I feel good knowing I've delivered what will surpass client expectations.”

David Dean

Insurance Agent

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