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Bank Sync

Sync all your bank and credit card accounts so you can see all transactions in one place.

Big Time Saver

Auto Categorization

All transactions are automatically categorized so you can save time and make better banking decisions.

Big Time SaveR

Bulk Categorization

Select up to 50 transactions to be recategorized at the same time.

Big Time Saver

Auto Reconciliation

Incoming payments are automatically reconciled with invoices, bills and payroll.

Banking keeps getting better.

We develop software solutions with our bank partners that help you simplify financial management.

We use our customer feedback to constantly innovate and outperform expectations.

(On Roadmap)

IOLTA Accounts

Manage IOLTA accounts with greater ease, confidence and protections.

(On Roadmap)

Real-Time Transfers

Real-time transfer of funds between any synced bank account or credit card.

7,000 Banks and Credit Unions

One platform that syncs with all

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