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About CO.STARTERS Business Canvas

The Starters Business Canvas is the framework used for all of our virtual and local programs.

This intuitive visual map helps you understand, test, and refine your ideas.

After you download, continue to one of our virtual or local accelerators for best results.

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The Starters Business Canvas is the framework used for all of our virtual and local programs.

Ideas Are Easy, Implementation is Hard, but You Are Not Alone!

Through CO.STARTERS we’ve built a community of many hundreds of trained facilitators who are here to help you walk through your business canvas online and in person.

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Starter Success Stories


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with the business after 5 years, on average

Success Stories

Felicia Jackson joins a CO.STARTERS course to create CRP Wrap, a thriving nationwide business.

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Our Formula For Success


Entrepreneurs thrive in community. Through our CO.STARTERS brand, where Community meets Starters, we help you transform your ideas into thriving businesses by partnering with local community organizations, financial institutions, and facilitators.

In People

We focus on helping you achieve your goals and will invite you to share your acquired wisdom with others as your business succeeds so together we can continue to grow to help more aspiring entrepreneurs realize their business dreams.


Business is hard, but it shouldn’t be complicated. We help you focus on very practical steps in a collaborative, actionable environment so you can move more quickly toward your dream of running your own successful business.

Our Commitment
to Your Success

Entrepreneurial Support

All revenue from our CO.STARTERS content, courses, and consultations is reinvested into developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem to support more starters.

Essential Business Software - Free

Get all the basic software you need to start and manage your business, banking relationship, including payment processing and cash flow management, at no cost.

Success-Driven Profit Model

As your business grows and you need advanced features like reporting, accounting, and payroll, we succeed together.

Our Commitment to Your Success

Go From Business Idea to Action with Confidence

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with an exciting idea or an established business looking to grow faster and stronger, we’re here to help you break down silos to build a thriving business in less time.

We Work With all Industry Types

We Work With all Industry Types

Our content is not industry-specific, rather relevant for entrepreneurs and businesses of all types.

Build Relationships to Build Your Business

Build Relationships to Build Your Business

We help you build a team, starting with a local community leader, adding peers for motivation and mentors for advice. Financial professionals will also be available when you need additional services.

Make Your Business Dream a Reality

Starter Stories

Ernie Flores

Flores Bakehaus

CO.STARTERS courses and community support helped Ernie Flores open Flores Bakehaus, a business that celebrates her heritage, family, and her first love—baking.

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We’re here to help you go from business idea to action with confidence.

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