Spotlight on FINSYNC Specialist: Neisha Casey, CPA

Neisha Casey had already been working for years as a CPA. She began to sense that her need to focus exclusively on a niche industry might make her professionally unmarketable outside of that particular niche.


As a lifetime learner who thrives on variety and acquiring new skills, she decided it was time to turn her focus to other opportunities. Ones that would allow her to leverage her skills while gaining exposure to new industries and perspectives.  


We had the opportunity to catch up with Neisha to discuss her journey. Also, get some takeaways for small businesses and independent contractors. 


How did you decide to become an independent CPA?


I decided to become an independent CPA because of the variety of work and flexibility. I enjoy variety in my work and the opportunity to gain new skills and exposure. FINSYNC affords me the opportunity to take on clients within various industries. Also, independently manage the workload to meet the client’s needs.


Flexibility is also a major advantage, especially because I have decided to further my education. Although my new career path pivots into analytics, I am able to continue to utilize my accounting background and expand my skills. 


What are the benefits and rewards of being an independent financial professional?


The benefits of being an independent professional are the flexibility and exposure to different clients and industries. When I’ve taken on different roles in my profession, it was always with the intent to diversify my skillset: What can I learn from this opportunity that I did not necessarily learn in my last opportunity?


Sometimes, the best way to diversify a skillset is to gain exposure to multiple industries. The added benefit of working independently is flexibility. I set my own schedule to complete work within the specific timeline communicated. 


What’s the most challenging part about being an independent contractor?


Sometimes, communication can “get lost” in the context of an email or text and even by phone. Verbal and nonverbal cues play a major part in communication. It becomes very important to become cognizant of every written dialogue. Also, provide clarification if communication is even the slightest bit unclear.  


What inspired you to join FINSYNC’s services network? How has joining FINSYNC impacted your career and career trajectory?


I was still working as an accountant when a FINSYNC representative contacted me to discuss a remote opportunity. My first thought was: How am I going to be able to manage the workload of two jobs?


After giving it more thought, I decided that now was the right time to pursue career interests while also continuing to hone my skills as an accountant. My long-term career trajectory combines both my finance and accounting backgrounds as an entrepreneur. Working with the FINSYNC Accounting Program allows me the opportunity to balance my goals while also making the full breadth of my skills available to clients.  


What company were you paired with, and what do you do for them?


My first client through FINSYNC’s network is a prominent photographer based in the Atlanta area. Therefore, I handle their bookkeeping and reporting.


What’s your working relationship like with the client?


I like to keep it professional but also personable. We keep the lines of communication open and work together to meet deadlines. 


How does FINSYNC’s platform make your job as an accountant easier?


FINSYNC’s platform is very user-friendly. As a result, it helps to streamline and optimize efficiency for all parties involved. 


Would you recommend FINSYNC’s virtual assistance network to other independent skilled professionals?


Absolutely, yes. I highly recommend FINSYNC’s virtual assistance network to other skilled professionals. The entire FINSYNC team is very interactive and makes certain each engagement runs as smoothly as possible. I’ve never met a more supportive and encouraging work group. In addition to flexibility and diverse work opportunities, the FINSYNC team is what makes the network unique. Allowing for an even more rewarding experience.


Any advice for other independent professionals out there?


If you desire variety and flexibility within a supportive virtual team environment, look no further than FINSYNC. 


FINSYNC Accounting Partner Program


We understand accounting professionals’ critical role in a business’s success. This is why we have designed the FINSYNC Accounting Partner Program. Where a dedicated Account Manager will help you achieve your firm’s goals. FINSYNC’s platform consolidates all financial operations into an all-in-one system, ensuring smooth financial management while connecting businesses with the right financial experts.

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