What If You Could Use a Credit Card to Pay a Business That Doesn’t Accept Credit?

FINSYNC Pay is revolutionizing the payments industry by allowing business owners to use a credit card to make regular payments to vendors — even if they don’t accept credit.  Learn how you can make business payments via credit card.


Though paying with available credit generally makes life easier for a business owner, not all vendors that you do business with are capable of accepting credit card payments. This disconnect can make it difficult to manage your cash flow.

But what if you could use a credit card to pay a business that doesn’t accept credit? Now you can with FINSYNC Pay. Learn the many ways that your business can benefit when you pay a traditionally cash-only vendor with a credit card.

Benefits of Controlling Cash Flow with Credit Cards

Not every vendor you work with is likely to accept credit. Businesses may have various reasons for not having set up merchant processing. Fortunately, this no longer means your business has to miss out on the benefits of making payments with a credit card.

Small businesses often confront long payment terms that make it difficult to maintain the cash flow necessary to pay vendors every month and cover crucial expenses like payroll. If you’ve just taken on a large project with a customer that won’t pay until the project is completed or you’ve just invested in new equipment or staff, you may experience some short-term cash flow issues.

Using a credit card can be a short-term solution to cash flow problems by giving you some extra time to receive payments and keep ahead of expenses. Many vendors are willing to accept credit and make it easy for you to delay expenses and keep cash on hand. But what about the vendors that don’t present this option?

Use a Credit Card to Pay Cash-Only Businesses

Businesses that limit customer payments to cash are often concerned with the complexity associated with accepting credit card payments. But what if it was easy for these businesses to accept credit?

With FINSYNC Pay, businesses don’t need an existing merchant account to accept credit card payments. All you need is their email address. This makes it easy for a business to request to pay via credit card, and for the vendor to accept the credit card payment. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your vendor receives an email request to accept a credit card payment.
  2. After clicking on the email link, your vendor is directed to a simple form to accept the limited merchant account.
  3. The vendor receives payment in their bank account within two business days.

This process can even be automated on future transactions. Vendors can also maintain a secure record of payments if they set up a free or paid account in FINSYNC.

Benefits of FINSYNC Pay

FINSYNC Pay is a revolutionary new technology that enables you to pay cash-only vendors with your credit card. From your landlord to your produce vendor, you can charge virtually any business expense to your credit card. That means more cash in your pocket and more ways to maximize control over your cash flow.

  • Maximize Control Over Your Cash Flow

Let’s say your payroll deadline is approaching, but you don’t have enough cash in your bank account to cover it and pay your suppliers. Having the option to use a credit card to cover payments ensures that you can always pay your vendors and employees on time regardless of your current cash flow.

  • Simplify Your Business Finances

Business payments can be difficult to manage. Especially when one vendor prefers wire transfer, another prefers ACH, and another prefers only cash. FINSYNC allows you to consolidate all of your payments within a single platform. And FINSYNC Pay now enables you to use a credit card to further simplify payments and business finances.

  • More Secure Transactions

Unlike traditional payments that can expose your ACH or bank account information, FINSYNC Pay offers encrypted and private charge card details. Your credit card information never reaches the vendor — and vice versa. Your vendor gets paid without you ever having to hand over your credit card details. 

  • Maximize Credit Card Rewards

Another major benefit of FINSYNC Pay is the potential it provides to earn credit card rewards. Since FINSYNC Pay enables you to divert check payments and wire/bank transfers to a credit card, you can increase your credit card spend and maximize credit rewards. Those rewards can be used to cover new purchases or be reinvested to help you grow your business.


FINSYNC: Use a Credit Card to Pay a Business That Doesn’t Accept Credit Cards

FINSYNC Pay is more than simply a better way to pay your vendors. It enables you to pay your vendors on time, increase the amount of cash in your pocket and seize control of your cash flow. 


FINSYNC Pay is set to revolutionize the payments industry and help your business grow. Contact FINSYNC today for more information on FINSYNC Pay and the advantages it can provide your business. 


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