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Why choose a partner from FINSYNC?

  • Trusted

    We interview all partners and only select the best who we trust will deliver you the best products and services.

  • Relationships

    There will be times when you need a banker, accountant or other financial professional in your corner - stepping up, and in sync with you, that's why we built FINSYNC.

  • Save & Succeed

    Save valuable time and money building your finance team through FINSYNC. Working together, software and services help you succeed.

Finances Are Better

When Everything & Everyone Are In Sync

Centralize control of all your cash flow and related financial processes in ONE platform.

“Selecting the right financial partners is paramount to succeeding in business, it can also be very complicated and stressful. We are here to simplify for you and partners so everyone wins.”

When everything & everyone is in sync

Our platform is proven to drive more efficient results for businesses and partners.


Improvement in hours to get paid for customers using CollectEarly™ through partner banks

(4 weeks to 4 hours). Get Matchedto Partner


Improvement in cost for accounting services with one platform and integrated services.

Get Matched to Partner

Built to help you get all finances in sync and start, scale and succeed

Our financial partners are here to help you run your business with less time and better results, so you can have more time for what matters most to you.

+ Dedicated phone and online support.

Dedicated phone
and online support.

Customer service
that you will love.

Rapid response time (measured in minutes,
not hours or days)