With FINSYNC, you get a payments inbox for sending and receiving all your electronic payments with remittance details via email without your customers and vendors ever seeing your sensitive bank, debit and credit card information.

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    Pay All Bills Online

    Send payments using ACH, debit and credit cards with ease and peace of mind, and without the hassle of paper.

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    Quicker Client Payments

    Receive payments via ACH and charge card. We even convert checks into ACH so you can receive all payments electronically.

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    Enhanced Security

    Sending and receiving payments using FINSYNC is backed by fraud protection, advanced monitoring, greater privacy and secure encryption.

If you are sending or requesting a payment from someone without a FINSYNC account, they can check out as a guest or sign up for free to manage payment preferences, alerts and maintain secure record of payments with remittance details.

Staying in sync has never been easier

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Sending Payments

Streamline your bill payment process through one payment inbox for sending all forms of electronic payments with remittance details - and at a fraction of the cost of writing and mailing paper checks.

  • Send payments using ACH and debit, credit card using just an email address.
  • The person you are paying has the ability to accept your payment online without seeing your sensitive bank or card information.
  • If the person you are paying won’t accept electronic payment, FINSYNC will send a check on your behalf.
  • You and the person you are paying can maintain remittance details on all payments, including attachments.
  • Pay from multiple banks and charge cards.
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Simply request a payment using FINSYNC to give your customers a simpler, more secure way to pay you via ACH, debit and credit card, or paper check sent to your FINSYNC PO Box (lockbox).

  • Request payment using just an email address and accept ACH, debit and credit cards, and checks.
  • If the person paying sends a check, FINSYNC converts into ACH deposit so you still receive funds electronically.
  • View real-time status of payments requests and set reminders to be sent automatically.
  • All funds go directly into your synced bank account without you ever seeing the payee’s bank or card information.
  • You and the person paying you can maintain remittance details on all payments, including attachments.


Pay your vendors and accept payments from your clients the way they want to receive and process payments and improve cash flow.

Receive & Send payments in the U.S.

FINSYNC’s payments plan is currently $10 per month plus the below transaction fees.

  • $0.50

    Per ACH Payment

  • 2.9% + $0.30

    Per Debit or Credit Card Transaction*

  • $1.00

    Per Paper Check

*When sending a payment on your credit card, you have the ability to request that the receiver to cover the cost

Collect Payments on Demand

With the Cash Flow Management plan, you can leverage a positive payments history with FINSYNC and turn invoices into cash with one click.

Looking to do more?

Online Payroll

Online Payroll

Pay your people and payroll taxes online with confidence and ease.

The Complete Solution

The Complete Solution

Get all the capability of our Payments Plan plus the ability to get better control of your cash flow and streamline your accounting.

Collect Payments Now

If your customer is scheduled to pay later, you can collect payment now by factoring your invoice. It's a way to improve cash flow and access funds in a timely manner to grow your business.

FINSYNC's network of lending partners fund the gap between your invoice being issued and when your customer normally pays.

How It Works

  • Select unpaid invoices to be submitted for factoring.

  • FINSYNC will share your request with one of it's preferred lenders.

  • You receive an offer for a possible immediate advance, usually within 24hrs for new customers and 2 hours thereafter.

Rates start as low as 0.25% per week.

Factors that determine your rate include:

  • Total sales volume and the amount you factor.
  • The type and number of customers you do business with.
  • The value of invoices and the time likely to remain outstanding.
Start Free Trial

FINSYNC helps you stay in sync with lenders and grow with quicker, lower-cost access to capital.

  • Invoice your customer

  • FINSYNC tracks history

  • Click to collect early

  • FINSYNC shares invoice history with lender

  • Assuming good history, you get an offer from the lender

  • If you accept the offer, the advance is deposited into your bank account

  • Your customers make payment through FINSYNC

  • Lender is paid back advance plus fee, and you get the balance

  • Accounting happens automatically

Centralize control of payments with Finsync

No more misalignment or runaround when everyone is in sync.

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