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When you sync your bank accounts to FINSYNC you save time and money with electronic invoicing and bill pay.



  • Request a payment using only someone's email and receive however they want to pay - card, ACH or check
  • Checks are converted to ACH so you receive all payments electronically

Bill Pay

  • Pay anyone using their email address, they can choose to accept ACH or check
  • Checks are mailed on your behalf so you never have to buy stamps again

The FINSYNC Payments Network


A single inbox for ACH, credit card and paper check payments from customers and to vendors, including a lockbox for incoming checks.


Send and receive payments using only an email address so you never expose your sensitive bank and credit card information. All your details are encrypted.


Combine electronic payments with remittance details - including attachments, so all parties know who, what and when at all times.

Payments Network


When you invoice customers who are known members of the FINSYNC Payments Network and they accept your invoice, you can CollectEarly™ - go from waiting 4 weeks to 4 hours to get paid!

CollectEarly™ on invoices - Why wait 4 weeks when you can be paid in 4 hours!

How it Works

FINSYNC is the first three-sided payments network that connects business with their customers and banks.

How It Works

  • Your business builds a positive payments history with FINSYNC (or positive "FINSYNC Score") or invoices a customer with a positive payments history (FINSYNC Score), and then
  • Once your customer accepts the invoice, we offer you the option to CollectEarly™
  • Funds can be deposited into your synced bank account on the same day you CollectEarly™
  • The cost is 2.5% of the transaction amount (less than most credit card transactions)
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