FINSYNC Spotlight Interview with Athena Behavioral Treatment Center Owner, John Soto

The selection of the right financial tools can significantly impact the efficiency and success of a company. This sentiment is echoed in our conversation with John Soto, a small business owner who has firsthand experience with the advantages of incorporating FINSYNC into his business operations at Athena Behavioral Treatment Center.


John and his wife, Nydia, run ABTCVA or Athena Behavioral Treatment Center in Gainsville, Virginia. Their organization is dedicated to assisting children with autism. John and Nydia’s journey, which began with a personal recognition of the demand for specialized services, has been marked by an array of challenges and achievements.


What prompted you to start using FINSYNC?

I opened a business checking account with Fulton Bank in Manassas, Virginia. FINSYNC was recommended and decided to go with you.


What about the FINSYNC Platform attracted you?

It is pretty much all in one place, including payroll. This was important to me to find a platform where I could also do payroll, so this was a good option. It is also very user-friendly, which was a plus. 


Tell me about your company and what inspired you to start.

We have a company that provides behavioral health services for kids with autism. My wife and I realized there was a big need for kids to have these services. My wife is a board-certified behavioral analyst. She had experience managing people from prior military and government work, so we decided to do it on our own and launch our own company. So far, so good. 


What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a small business owner?

Staffing can be a challenge. It is difficult to find people that have a good work ethic. Since COVID, there are a lot of people who want to stay home and don’t want to work. We have been lucky to have found good employees, and we are staffed, but we always need more people, and it can be a struggle to find the right fit. 


What’s the best thing about being a small business owner? 

Being your own boss is great. Grabbing an idea and knowing it is yours from start to finish. Whether it fails or succeeds is on you. You have to work hard, and you see the rewards from the hard work you put in. 


What are the biggest benefits your business has experienced using FINSYNC?

Everything is right there on one platform. This helps us with our reports. The payroll is set up to make sure that all of our employees are paid in addition, our bills are taken care of so we can stay in business.


I have used your customer service. They have always helped me out with any questions I have or any issues that come up. They have always been there for us.


What advice do you have for those thinking about starting their own business?

Do a lot of research. Make sure you know what you are getting into. Knowing what to expect is essential to your success. Passion is also important, but it might not be the right area to open a business even though you love it. So, that is why the research part is just as important as loving what you are doing. 


Also, find good support. Locate a bank that is going to support you. If you need payroll for your business, make sure you go with the right company to support you when you need it.  


FINSYNC allows you to run your business on One Platform. You can send and receive payments, process payroll, automate accounting, and manage cash flow. To learn more about how we can help your business start, scale, and succeed, contact us today.


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