FINSYNC vs. QuickBooks: Real Testimonials from Small Business Owners

In today’s digital age, selecting the right financial management software is crucial for small business owners. The proper tools can streamline processes, improve financial visibility, and ultimately contribute to the growth and success of the business. However, with many options available, it can take time to determine which platform best suits your needs.


Two platforms stand out among the various accounting platforms: QuickBooks Online and FINSYNC. As popular choices for small business owners, both provide a range of features designed to simplify financial management. However, through a closer examination, it becomes evident that one may offer distinct advantages over the other.


Overview of Quickbooks Online


QuickBooks Online, a product of Intuit, has long been a player in the world of financial software for small businesses. It offers functionalities ranging from invoice generation to payroll management, tax filing, and expense tracking. With a long-standing presence in the market, it has become a go-to choice for many small businesses. 


However, users have received growing feedback about the platform’s complexity and less-than-stellar customer service. This opens up an opportunity for an emerging player to deliver a more user-friendly and supportive alternative.


Overview of FINSYNC


FINSYNC is a platform that provides an all-in-one solution for small businesses. While FINSYNC also offers features akin to QuickBooks Online, such as cloud-based invoicing, payroll, and cash flow management, it sets itself apart with its emphasis on a user-friendly interface, superior customer service, and a partner network accessible to all business owners.


FINSYNC’s partner network offers a space where entrepreneurs can quickly find an accountant for tax assistance, a banker for loan applications, or an insurance agent for investment protection. This positions FINSYNC as a platform that delivers financial solutions and adds extra value in a way that QuickBooks does not.


The FINSYNC software takes pride in being more than just a tool; it is a partner committed to the success of small businesses.


In the next section, we will dive deeper into why small business owners increasingly favor FINSYNC over QuickBooks Online, focusing on real experiences and feedback from users who have made the switch. 


Testimonials and Success Stories




Assistant Branch Manager Heidee Draney holds the bond between FINSYNC and institutions such as WaFd Bank in high regard. She finds profound satisfaction in fostering connections with small-scale entrepreneurs and empowering them with essential tools.


 “My honest opinion is, I believe that every business can actually benefit from FINSYNC.”


“The pricing for Quickbooks is significantly higher compared to FINSYNC. This cost-effectiveness is another advantage, particularly for businesses in small towns looking to save money.”


“The best thing I like about FINSYNC is the accounting and cash flow management. These tools are incredibly valuable for small businesses.”




Bob Hardy oversees accounting duties for Grace Abounds Rescue Mission and is keenly aware of the budget constraints inherent to non-profit operations. So discovering a platform like FINSYNC, which offers comprehensive services similar to QuickBooks but at a more budget-friendly price, is a significant win for his organization.


“One of the most important benefits we get from our FINSYNC relationship is the handling of our payroll and all federal and state payroll withholding and tax reporting. With the FINSYNC payroll processing system, it is incredibly easy and inexpensive!”


Hardy speaks highly of FINSYNC in terms of customer support: “The FINSYNC customer support is another strength for us. They are very effective and patient in helping us get set up and use the system. Since then, we have had very few issues, but if we do, they respond very quickly.”




Sandi Purinton understands the value of exceptional customer service deeply. In the event of any software or financial management difficulties, she is reassured that FINSYNC’s support is merely a phone call, email, or chat away. This immediate assistance allows her to concentrate on the core operations of her bustling insurance enterprise, The Insurance Connection.


“As a business owner who actually works in the business, to have customer service on the phone when I have a question is a tremendous resource for me.”


“I was pleased with the support I got from FINSYNC. Your customer service manually updated items that weren’t syncing. It was really stressful, but when I reached out to FINSYNC, you were phenomenal!”




Siedah Mitchum wears many hats as an author, business mentor, and proud owner of Her Love Collections, LLC, a flourishing retail business with two locations in New York. In running her vendor store, she coordinates with around 80 vendors daily, making the transparency and ease of tracking payments and transactions a critical aspect of her operations. Since she embraced FINSYNC as a payment tool for her business, her experience has been overwhelmingly positive.


Siedah particularly praises FINSYNC’s invoicing feature: “The invoicing has been amazing! I can create templates and have everything pre-done, setting dates so the invoices go out automatically. I can also see when the payments begin to come out of my bank account. I also like the calendar, so I can see what days I can expect the money in or out.” 


The ease and efficiency have proven to be a triumph for Siedah, allowing her to focus on other critical aspects of her business.




Elaine Smith-Poyourow is the driving force behind TLT – Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, an organization dedicated to equipping the younger generation with the necessary tools to navigate contemporary societies successfully. Managing payroll efficiently, including automatic deductions for state and federal taxes, was a critical need for her organization to avoid time-consuming calculations each pay period. Sandi’s experience with FINSYNC has been nothing short of positive in addressing this need.


“We are not in a position to start taking on payroll and tax reporting requirements. But this had to be done, and FINSYNC is a cost-effective way of doing that.”


“FINSYNC has allowed us to be more efficient and succeed without having a dedicated accounting role. It is just the push of the button at the end of the month, and payroll is done.”


Final Thoughts


It is clear that FINSYNC goes beyond merely a tool; it is a partner committed to the success of small businesses. This dedication to support and an all-in-one, user-friendly solution makes FINSYNC a superior alternative to traditional options like QuickBooks Online.


But don’t just trust our words. See the difference for yourself. FINSYNC now enables new users to utilize its payments and cash flow management features for free indefinitely. This commitment to user experience allows you to grasp firsthand and revolutionize your financial management. Make this stride towards better financial control, efficiency, and success with FINSYNC today.


Helping small businesses is our core mission at FINSYNC.

Centralize your accounting, payroll, and cash flow management on our all-in-one platform.

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