Merging Fashion and Function in Face Masks: These Starters Have You Covered

Choose from six local face mask companies that are part of our CO.STARTERS graduates

Face masks are still a great way to protect yourself and those around you. In the spirit of spreading positivity while helping reduce sickness, here is a simple and small way to support small businesses working hard by finding a unique mask for you or a loved one.

SUPPORTED BY CREATE BIRMINGHAM IN BIRMINGHAM AL – This Birmingham-based sew-op started creating and testing effective masks as early as March 17, 2020. The Magic City Seams program, part of the sew-op, donated more than 2,000 masks by the end of June. The purchase of a denim mask from Bib & Tucker not only goes toward a living wage for their sewists but also gives the program the ability to continue donating to high-risk and vulnerable populations.



Fargo Stuff // Kayla Cote Van Rensburg



This company strives to connect the people of Fargo to their local community with locally-themed goods and gifts. Their masks are truly one-of-a-kind with their Fargo-specific patterns and illustrations. If you are in some way connected to or a fan of the city of Fargo, these masks are for you!



Gifted Hands Artisan Soap // Javela Singleton



These pocket masks made by wellness company Gifted Hands are made in a variety of patterns and colors with the option of elastics or adjustable tie-backs and come with a reusable/replaceable filter insert to provide the most protection. Ear-saver hooks can also be included if desired.



Garner Blue // Lisa Garner



These indigo hand-dyed face masks are Garner Blue’s signature style. Each individual mask is dyed after cut, and then sewn, so every mask has its own unique blue and white pattern. The masks are made with two layers of washable fabric, adjustable ties, and optional nose wire for a snuger fit.



Good Fortune Soap and Spa // Jennifer Strain



If you’re looking for a simple, neutral, but well-made mask, shop Good Fortune. The adjustable straps and versatile gray color make it suitable for anyone. They also offer a variety of clean hand sanitizer options from their all-natural product line that make this purchase well worth the shipping.



Public Thread // Janay Brower



Based out of Michigan, Public Thread’s goal is to create new things out of existing materials while reducing waste and creating living wage jobs. With a variety of mask patterns to choose from, Public Thread also provides all of the supplemental mask materials you might need. Pouches and lanyards are available for purchase, as well as child-sized mask options.



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