Matt Nola’s Unique Business Journey with Woodsmans’s Tree Service

Matt Nola’s background in healthcare contributed to his deliberate and thoughtful approach to starting his business, Woodsman’s Tree Service.

Image of Matt Nolan, owner of Woodsman’s Tree Service


What do working in healthcare and tree service have in common?


According to Matt Nola, the founder of Woodsman’s Tree Service in Corinth, Vermont, an arborist and healthcare actually share similar values. 


Those four values—aesthetics, quality, professionalism, and safety—have served as guideposts for Matt as he’s navigated the shift from healthcare to tree service. 


Matt had been working as a nurse for 20 years before he decided to start Woodsman’s Tree Service


“I’ve always liked nature and being in nature, and I recognize that trees are very important, and we need to take care of them,” he explained. 


When he bought a home in 2010 that needed trees removed, Matt started using a chainsaw and realized he enjoyed tree removal. So he took some chainsaw courses, working for locals, and advertising his services.


Matt noticed a gap in the service area—his area in Vermont had lots of big tree companies and some small ones but nothing in between. He felt confident that Woodsman’s Tree Service could fill that gap.


“I knew I wanted to start a business and do it right,” he explained.


That’s when he saw The Space on Main advertising the CO.STARTERS Core program around town. 


“The experience was tough, but it was incredibly eye-opening and informative,” Matt said of his CO.STARTERS experience. 


He officially formed his business in 2020 and left nursing to do tree service full-time in 2021. 


Woodsman’s Tree Service offers tree removal, trimming, view cutting, and shrub removal, all with the four founding principles of aesthetics, quality, professionalism, and safety in mind. 


“Aesthetics are important in tree service because trees are in a person’s life for a long time, so they’re an eyesore if not cared for properly,” Matt explained. 


Professionalism is vital, Matt explained, “because sometimes people that run a chainsaw are viewed as not being professional.” It’s very important for him to keep in mind the same values that he did as a nurse—to treat everyone with respect and to communicate clearly.


Tree work can be very expensive, so Matt’s next word, quality, makes a lot of sense. If someone is paying for labor or special equipment rental, Matt and his full-time employee want to be sure that the service they’re providing is top tier.


Finally, safety is important in tree service because tree work, Matt explained, is one of the most dangerous occupations out there. He makes sure to follow the relevant safety regulations to ensure his safety, his employee’s safety, and his clients’ safety.


Slow and deliberate business growth aided Matt as he was starting his business. At first, his goal was just to pay his business expenses, and since he was still working as a nurse, he had another source of income to fall back on.


Then, as he got more tree work, he gradually scaled his nursing hours down and his tree service hours up. 


“I worked hard to get my name out there. As an entrepreneur, you’ve got to hustle. No slacking!”  


Though starting Woodsman’s Tree Service has been hard work, Matt loves what he does. 


“Having your own business is incredibly stressful,” Matt admitted, “but I still love what I do and find it fun every day to go to work, which takes away some of the mental struggle. So I think it’s important that if you’re going to start a business, do something that you think is fun and you enjoy doing.”


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