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Leadership Team

  • Dave Olsen

    Dave Olsen

    President of Payroll

  • Todd Shiver

    Todd Shiver

    Executive Vice President

  • Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Doug Mathews

    Doug Mathews

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Marty Smith

    Marty Smith

    Chief Information Officer

  • John Kim

    John Kim

    Chief Product Officer

  • Jodi Sevigny

    Jodi Sevigny

    Senior VP of Marketing

  • Pat Redd

    Pat Redd

    Senior VP of Partner Marketing

  • Jac-Martin Dorion

    Jac-Martin Dorion

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Phil Weidner

    Phil Weidner

    VP of Operations and Implementation

  • Santi Betancur

    Santi Betancur

    Director of Finance

  • Heather Wallace

    Heather Wallace

    Director of Payroll

  • Kevin Rushing

    Kevin Rushing

    Director of Client Success

  • Abe Petrillo

    Abe Petrillo

    Director of Development

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