Software to Help You Build a Thriving Business

When you sync your current business bank account or apply for a new bank account through FINSYNC, you can:

  • Simplify and streamline financial operations
  • Better manage cash flow with charts, calendars, projections, and more
  • Invoice customers and get paid faster - weeks faster with CollectEarly
  • Pay vendors more securely using email
  • Pay contractors, employees, and payroll taxes online with confidence and lower cost
  • Track time and expenses on projects, automate accounting, and run all types of reports
  • Connect with your local banker and experience the best in relationship banking

We help you break down silos and connect everything and everyone needed to build a thriving business in less time.

The Business Problem

You start a business because you have a passion for a good or service, not because you want to cobble together all these applications to run your business, taking on unnecessary administrative tasks, stress, and risk.


The Business Solution

FINSYNC helps you go from business banking to business building with all the software, services and support you need to succeed on one fully integrated platform, backed by unmatched services.


The Value of All-In-One

Customers have saved thousands of dollars moving from many different applications to a single platform.




4 Different Apps

  • Quickbooks for Accounting
  • ADP for payroll
  • for paying vendors
  • Harvest for time tracking



All-in-One Platform

  • Accounting replaced QuickBooks
  • Payroll replaced ADP
  • Pay vendors and accept payments
  • CollectEarly™ to get paid in hours not weeks

Total Value to Client

Before FINSYNC$5,520

After FINSYNC$1,980

$3,540 Software Savings
Before FINSYNC$105,460

After FINSYNC$46,245

$59,215 Service Savings
Before FINSYNC2,080 h

After FINSYNC1,040 h

1,040 (hours) Time Savings

Start Simplifying Your Finances


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Before you get started


We are not able to service these businesses at the moment:

  • Crypto Currency and Money Services
  • Privately Owned ATMs
  • Marijuana-Related
  • Gambling
  • Money Services Business
  • Business headquartered outside of the U.S.

At this time we are offering online business checking accounts through bank partners in these states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Idaho
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington

Is your business in one of these states?