How Amanda Olson is Bringing Ultrasound Technology to the Comfort of Women’s Homes

Amanda found a sense of purpose in bringing her expertise, experience, and ultrasound technology to women's homes as North Dakota's only traveling ultrasound technologist.

“This business has given me a sense of purpose that I’ve never had before. Helping and supporting women has always been my greatest passion.”

With over 20 years of experience as an ultrasound technologist, Amanda Olson launched a new business, New Beginnings Imaging, bringing pregnancy ultrasound into the comfort of women’s homes.

Upon reaching an inflection point in her career as a tech, Amanda reevaluated and realized she wanted to keep the parts of her job that she loved—helping patients, and performing pregnancy ultrasounds—without the monotony of her hospital day job.

Amanda realized that starting her own ultrasound business would allow her to do all of that—in addition to allowing her to serve patients in a way that puts the patient’s comfort and convenience first.

New Beginnings Imaging offers pregnancy ultrasound services—including 3D/4D ultrasounds, gender discovery, early trimester, and medical ultrasounds—within the comfort of patient’s homes, if they wish.

“Right now, people want convenience. They want comfort,” Amanda shared. “Pregnant women are hesitant to enter medical facilities due to the heightened risk of catching contagious illnesses. Performing procedures in their homes provides a much better solution for them.”

Lots of pregnant mothers face anxiety and stress about their pregnancies; because Amanda works for herself, she is able to provide reassurance early and often about a baby’s health, heartbeat status, and development.

“As their pregnancies progress, women often fear getting ultrasounds because they worry about finding something wrong with their baby. Not being able to see their child causes a lot of anxiety because they can’t see what’s happening.”

Amanda realized that if she could travel to people’s homes, she’d not only be able to serve them in an environment where they feel comfortable, but she’d also be able to reach patients who lived far from a hospital.

Many of her patients, who live in remote places, don’t even have health insurance or relationships with doctors. For people in these areas, who need medical care just as much as people in more populated areas, Amanda’s business is a godsend.

“This business has given me a sense of purpose that I’ve never had before. Helping and supporting women has always been my greatest passion. Every time I perform an ultrasound, I prioritize involving as many family members as possible and ensuring it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone. Seeing the joy and relief on the faces of the families I serve, knowing that I’ve played a part in their journey, is incredibly rewarding. It reaffirms my commitment to providing compassionate care and support to each and every one of my clients.”

Amanda graduated in 2023 from the CO.STARTERS Core program, hosted by local partner Minot Area Chamber EDC.

At first, she was hesitant about committing to a ten week program when her schedule was already so full between her hospital day job, the side-hustle she was starting, and her other commitments to her community. After being urged to join the program by a few friends and talking to Mark Lyman at the chamber, she decided to take the leap and sign up for the course.

“Honestly it was the best thing I did for my business,” said Amanda. “The education I got from the program was priceless. I’ve never taken a business class before, so having this solid foundation was incredibly helpful. I learned so much!”

“Receiving feedback from others in the cohort was incredibly impactful. Before joining the program, I had only shared my plans with my immediate family, who were naturally supportive. However, witnessing strangers and fellow entrepreneurs getting excited about my business significantly boosted my confidence.”

Those connections with other entrepreneurs in the cohort have led to Amanda getting more plugged into the local entrepreneurial community, eventually joining the Minot Area Chamber as a member business.

When asked her advice to entrepreneurs just starting out, she said, “Utilize the free resources around you. There are likely many individuals in your circle or community with knowledge about starting a business—seek out their expertise and educate yourself. Explore options such as small business centers, women’s business centers, or any other government-funded resources that are accessible to you. It’s worth the effort.”

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