Joy Froehlich – Banker Spotlight Interview

We are living in a time when it is easy to lose sight of what really matters. It’s not just about material things; we need more human connections. Technology can be a fabulous tool that makes our lives easier, but sometimes it overshadows the impact of talking to someone over the phone about an issue. 

Joy Froehlich with Fulton Bank is featured this month for our Banker Spotlight Interview. Read more about her journey with FINSYNC below. 

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Providing a service that works for our customers. I have a lot of healthcare sales experience. Then in the early 2000s, I went into banking and have been happy ever since.

What is your favorite part of being on the Fulton Banking team?

I worked for 16 years in a large bank. I should have left long ago because Fulton Bank’s culture is phenomenal. I have never been happier in a job. I have been here for seven years and think it is the best. At my age, to be in a workplace where you are very happy is like having the golden ticket. 

In my later chapters, life just keeps getting better and better. I know people want success early in life, but are they really prepared for it? 

How do you locate business owners who may be a good match for FINSYNC?

A lot of those conversations happen at the branch. If we are with a new customer, we might ask them about their merchant processing. After understanding their primary interests, we tell them about representing FINSYNC. We say we represent both cash management and merchant service. The same goes for ACH origination, remote deposits, etc. A tremendous amount of these conversations are happening within the financial sector. 

What is your approach like?

I have to be a good listener. I am not customer-facing; I am on the telephone. I got a referral from one of my partners on the merchant side. She reported the customer was needing a payroll provider. I told them about FINSYNC and that it wouldn’t hurt to do a demo. 

After the demo, he liked the platform but wanted to check with someone in his network that was having trouble getting back to him. I said that was fine and asked him when he needed to cut payroll for his employees. He said next week. I told him I didn’t mean to put any pressure on him, but most people can’t wait for their paycheck; they depend on this to be on time. He thought about it and then agreed. 

I kept thinking, what if that were me and I needed to buy groceries? He was super tolerant, and it worked to his advantage, and he will be better off!

What do you like best about FINSYNC?

I can’t say enough about FINSYNC; it is competitive, it works for our customers, and everything has been seamless. I couple that with Jack Stone, the Director of Partner and Customer Development. Jack and I work very well together; we have a similar style. Jack is hands-on and very patient. He understands if they have a hard time getting onto the call. He makes every effort to talk to them about FINSYNC. His knowledge and follow-ups are spot-on. 

I really appreciate FINSYNC’s availability, sales representation, and customer service. Emails are great to a certain level, but they can be misinterpreted. We are losing that human connection in society, and getting people on the phone is getting harder and harder. I am glad FINSYNC hasn’t lost sight of this.


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