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About the Bank

Established with a core belief in prioritizing people over transactions, First United Bank & Trust emphasizes unparalleled service and innovative solutions. Their vision focuses on consistently adding value for their esteemed customers, setting them apart in the industry.

As First United Bank & Trust journies into the future, their dedication remains unwavering: to assist and make impactful differences in the lives of those they serve. This commitment makes many across Maryland and West Virginia refer to them as: "my bank."

Benefits of Using FINSYNC


Get started as a customer of First United Bank & Trust through FINSYNC!

Welcome to a new style of open banking where the best relationship bakers are here to help you start, scale and succeed!

Working together we help businesses with:

  • Faster payments
  • More financing options
  • Actionable analytics
  • Better business outcomes

First United Bank & Trust is part of the FINSYNC Network to help you save:

  • 30% less administrative time and software costs
  • Days less getting the right help
  • Weeks less time waiting on payments


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