FINSYNC Spotlight Interview – Patrick Tuure, Out There Web Designs

The journey of entrepreneurship is seldom a straight or predictable one. Founders sometimes find their businesses evolving in ways they did not initially envision, and success often hinges on embracing opportunities as they arise. This beautifully sums up the entrepreneurial journey of Pat Tuure, the owner of Out There Web Designs.


Pat’s business story is not one that was carefully planned; instead, it’s a testament to the power of seizing the moment. A pivotal factor in Pat’s success narrative is the role played by FINSYNC. This digital platform has been instrumental in helping him manage and streamline his operations, providing a robust foundation upon which his dream continues to flourish.


Tell me about your company and what inspired you to start.

I started Out There Web Designs in 2010 and pretty much fell into it. I had a friend of mine that asked me to build a website. I had no idea how to at the time. I said yes, figured out how to build it, and never stopped learning from there. A few years ago, I started bringing on other team members. Now I have two W2 employees and four contractors. 


What’s the best thing about being a small business owner? 

I set my own schedule. You have many responsibilities as a business owner but also a lot of freedom. If I want to walk away for an afternoon, the work will still be there, but I can still walk away and take breaks when needed. 


What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a small business owner?

The biggest challenges I run across are cash flow management and stabilizing the business in order to scale. 


What prompted you to start using FINSYNC?

My credit card processor, Jeremy Felix with BancCard, recommended FINSYNC to me. After the third time, Quickbooks Online raised their rates, I decided I was done. I asked Jeremy if he knew of another system. I also wanted to use a platform that included payroll in an all-in-one solution. 

What about the FINSYNC Platform attracted you to it?

FINSYNC is all-in-one, includes payroll, and the price is affordable. I own a small business, so cash flow management is always a concern. 


What financial institutions do you have connected to FINSYNC?

Clearent is my credit card processor through Swipe Central. The other two banks I use are Chase and a local credit union called Kemba. 


How does having FINSYNC connected to your accounts make your business life easier?

I use the income report because it has some customization that I can do. I have also used your customer service. Clark is great. I only had one issue with tax withholding, and he solved it quickly.


What are the biggest benefits your business has experienced using FINSYNC?

Not having to worry about payroll is a big benefit. I just have to make sure the timecards are entered correctly and everything is covered, then we are good. For the most part, Payroll works smoothly. Once it is set up, you pretty much don’t have to worry about it.  


What advice do you have for those thinking about starting their own business?

Learn everything you can. You need to have an accounting system in place because an Excel spreadsheet will not be enough. You need to have better tracking of your accounting and see a decent income statement so you know where you stand. As you grow, you want to hire an accountant and hire a coach. When you start growing, these are a must. 


FINSYNC allows you to run your business on One Platform. You can send and receive payments, process payroll, automate accounting, and manage cash flow. To learn more about how we can help your business start, scale, and succeed, contact us today.

Helping small businesses is our core mission at FINSYNC.

Centralize your accounting, payroll, and cash flow management on our all-in-one platform.

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